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Our Patened
Oppositional Weighting System (OWS)

1. Three high density Circle in Triangle™(CIT) Tungsten inserts positioned on the heel and toe of the putter distribute weight to the Perimeter away from the Putter Face.

2. A mid sole Polyurethane insert maximizes weight distribution to the heel and toe and creates the flange as a third perimeter back weight. This lightweight durable insert has vibration reduction properties that also enhance feel and sound!

3. The high density Tungsten back weight strategically positioned in the center sole of the posterior flange distributes weight to the perimeter and backwards away from the Putter Face. This back weighting creates a lower deeper Center of Gravity (LCG).

4. Our anodized milled durable Aluminum Cross Groove™ Technology (CGT) Putter Face insert holds the ball at impact, promotes a forward spin, lessens skid with a resultant steadier roll, and provides a good sound and feel at impact.

Benefits of OWS

- The Oppositional Weighting System (OWS) with strategically placed inserts maximizes PERIMETER weighting creating a higher Moment of Inertia (MOI), expands the Sweet Spot, enhances Stability and is more forgiving to off center putts.

- The lower, deeper Center of Gravity (LCG) and Al Cross Groove (CGT) Putter Face insert promote a more consistent putt, enhances the feel and sound at impact, improves distance and directional control, and aids in increasing overall accuracy.

Penneagle Putters were developed for a single purpose: to consistently Sink Putts! Our solutions to missed putts include our Penneagle Mallet and Blade putters with the Oppositional Weighting System (OWS) and Penneagle Alignment Guides (PAG). The Penneagle putters with their traditional look and Oppositional Weighting System (OWS) help improve stability and consistency in putting. The Alignment Guides (I-Ball, V-Channel) aid in Ball Alignment and V-Site Squares the Putter Face to your intended Target line at Set Up and Impact. Feel the Balance and note the improved Accuracy.