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Tim Durnin
Penneagle Golf Inventor
San Mateo, CA
November 2004

We are very pleased by the overwhelmingly positive feedback and number of responses we have received regarding our TPD series putters. As the inventor, I feel we have created a putter line with the Oppositional Weighting System that features a unique combination of weight distribution and balance resulting in a higher moment of inertia and a truer roll. We are confident that it will be a forgiving and accurate putter.


Madison, WI
Over the years I have used many putters with varying success. I like my Palisade mallet TPD.3V. The putter has a good feel and response. The Penneagle Alignment Guides easily aid in Aligning my ball and Squaring the Putter Face at Address.

Ft. Meyers, FL
HCP: 9
Palisade TPD.3V

Back in January of this year, I was able to attend the PGA Show in Orlando, FL. During my two days that I spent at the show, I had tried nearly every putter by nearly every manufacturer. I was not impressed with any putter until I tried your Palisade TPD.3V Putter. This putter had the greatest feel of any putter that I have ever tried. Unfortunately, the putter was not available at that time.

Recently I purchased your Palisade TPD.3V Putter. I have played in three tournaments using this putter. I have never had more confidence in any golf club in my bag. Putting use to be my main weakness in my game. In the three rounds of tournament golf I had 28, 29, and 28 putts. I have also played two other rounds of golf in Nashville, putting on Bent Grass Greens. There I had 27 and 28 putts.

Without a doubt, this is by far the most perfectly balanced putter on the market. When you use this putter, you can feel the pendulum action and the incredible balance. Thank you all for making available this putter. If anyone would like to talk to me about this putter, please feel free to give them my name and number.

Kirkwood, MO
Palisade TPD.3V

I received the putter on Friday and took it out on Saturday. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. The head is smaller than I had anticipated which really gave me the compact feeling I was looking for in a putter. This combined with the INCREDIBLE weighting made it feel like I was "putting on rails." I had a true roll every putt; I really like how the ball comes off the face. I was continually fighting the springiness of my white hot, but this putter just glides the ball away from the club.

Austin, TX
HCP: 9
Palisade TPD.4

I recently bought this putter and am very satisfied. This is not only a great looking putter, it is also extremely accurate. The weighting and alignment system gives me the confidence I need to make those tricky 6-8 foot putts. The ball comes off the face very smoothly and has great feel. This is an excellent putter.

New York, NY
HCP: 7
Stinson TPD.2V

Believe me I have tried them all, and the Stinson has the best feel of any putter that I have ever tried. I use the TPD.2V low-offset version. If you get a chance to try it you will not be disappointed.

San Jose, CA
HCP: 17
Palisade TPD.4

I recently purchased the Palisade center shafted putter and played my first round. Great Putter!!
The balance of weighting in the putter head allowed me to keep the putter face square through the putt. Keeping the face square allowed me to hit each putt along the line for which I aimed. Liked the feel and it has excellent speed control. I shaved 5 strokes off my putting in the first round with the Palisade in the bag. Very forgiving putter!

Hillsborough, CA
HCP: 2
Palisade TPD.3V

Putting is the best part of my game and I have tested hundreds of putters. My best analysis would be as follows. Very easy to line up and probably the best I have seen as far as accuracy. Truly rolls the ball on line. The greens at our club are very fast so the heavyweight model is perfect!

Aiea, HI
HCP: 15
Palisade TPD.4

I purchased this TPD.4 putter in March 2005 and have been using it for 2 months now. I really love the feel of the putter, the easy alignment, its accuracy and to top it off it looks great. This TPD.4 Penneagle putter is far superior to the Never Compromise TDP center shafted mallet putter that it replaced. I have never felt this much confidence when I reach the greens!

Skip Jackson
Salem, VA
HCP: Senior Golf Tour Professional
Palisade TPD.4

In 1965, after one year of a very unsuccessful attempt at college, I turned Professional in Golf. There is no doubt that thirty nine years later, I had made the right decision.

I have always been known as an excellent ball striker. Growing up and working for several years on a 125 year old “Donald Ross” magnificent golf course, small greens made me a pin seeker and soft beautifully manicured greens allowed me to hit it close and make it stop!

However, with a lot of practice in hitting it close, I definitely didn’t spend the proper time and effort on putting. I was without a doubt, the best ball striker and most lousy putter in the New England section.

I’m not absolutely sure, but I’ll bet that the only person in professional golf with more putters than me, was “The King”, Arnold Palmer. This comparison to Mr. Palmer is the only time that I’ll use his name in the same paragraph with mine.

Yet, at the 2004 PGA Show, I had the great fortune of being introduced to Penneagle. This is the first and only putter that when placed in my hands, takes away all the old memories of all the missed 4-5 footers that I was so fondly known for!

The Penneagle Palisade is great to look at, fun to use and above all, the precision construction and weighting system allows me to stoke it pure and positively fearless!!

Balance, heel/toe and back weighting has allowed me to feel the stroke instead of wondering where I’ll be putting from next. In recent professional events, it has been just remarkable and the tougher the greens the better! In the 5 months that I have been using the Palisade my putting average went from 29-31 to 26-27 putts per round. This has given me a decisive advantage in tour play!!