Penneagle Golf


The Palisade, Highland and Stinson TPD Putters feature the optical enhancing patented Penneagle I-Ball Alignment Guide insert that approximates the size and shape of a golf ball.

Most Professional Golfers, Instructors and many golfers use some type of Alignment Aid for Aiming and Aligning their golf ball during the putting routine.

1. Assessing the Green begins on the Fairway and continues with inspection and reading of the GREEN in a circumferential manner checking for breaks and sloping. Mark your golf ball with a coin or marker.

2. Use a Line inscribed with a black or red felt tip pen or use the Ball Logo to first AIM the Golf Ball at your Target Line. Finally from a crouched position BEHIND the ball place your Golf Ball with a Linear Mark or Logo AIMED to your best determined Intended TARGET LINE. Recheck your AIM-adjust your golf ball if needed. Then pick up your ball marker.

3. At SET UP the putter face is placed next to the marked ball with your eyes over the Ball and Target Line. The marked I-Ball is ALIGNED to your marked Golf Ball (which is AIMED to your Target Line). Most important the PUTTER FACE is now SQUARED to the Target line, I-Ball and Golf Ball Linear Guide lines. The I-Ball’s linear Guide Line* facilitates your putter being ALIGNED and AIMED to your Intended Target Line at SET UP and Impact. Take a couple practice swings or just stroke the ball.

4. You are ready for a smooth pendular stroke with the ball moving down the Target Line after impacting the “sweet spot”. A Sight Line atop the Putter Face on some putter models helps further delineate the “Sweet Spot” and aids in Alignment..

5. The Penneagle I-Ball insert is easy to use and results are reproducible. Use of the Alignment Guide insert will raise your confidence, improve consistency, tweak your AIM & ALIGNMENT accuracy during the putting routine. The marked Golf Ball and I-Ball are more accurate and reliable than relying solely on your visual skills while trying to Aim and Align your Ball standing next to an ill defined Target Line. The I-Ball helps make visualizing your Target Line easier at SET UP and Impact. The marked Golf Ball, I-Ball and other Penneagle guides are not only AIM and ALIGNMENT GUIDES but also in part are Training Aids for improving two of the most difficult challenges during the Putting Routine namely AIMING and ALIGNMENT.

6. No system or routine is magical or 100% error free; and obviously not all putts will fall using this described approach with the linear marked I-Ball and linear marked Golf Ball. These Alignment Guides however do take away some of the guess work of Aiming and Aligning. You can learn from your MISTAKES which are forthwith apparent and work to correct some of these variables (green reading, alignment, aiming, posture, speed control and impacting the “sweet” spot) as you practice, hone and refine your putting routine skills.

Selected TPD models of the Stinson, Palisade and Atherton also incorporate the V-site Guide with either the line marked I-Ball or V-Channel Guides. The Vertical V-site is parallel to the Putter Face and also ensures the putter face is SQUARED or PERPENDICULAR to your determined Intended Target Line at Set Up and Impact. Some Penneagle models have the Half Pipe Alignment Aids with a Sight Line atop the putter face.

I-Ball Alignment Guide US Patent No. 7,083,526 - V-Site Guide U.S. Patent # 6,450,894


ASSESS, inspect and read the GREEN for breaks and sloping.

AIM your marked Golf Ball to choose your best Intended Target Line.

ALIGN-place the Putter Face next to the marked Golf Ball. The I-Ball and Golf Ball lines are Aligned to each and to the Intended Target Line. *The Putter Face is squared to the Target Line. Both lines on the Golf Ball and I-Ball guide are Aligned to each other and to the Intended Target Line.

ACTION-apply a smooth pendular stroke that impacts the the Club Head "sweet spot" and carries the ball along your chosen Intended Target Line.

ACHIEVE--this outlined routine will effect improvement in your putting game and allows you to evaluate the areas of your putting routine that needs improvement.