Fitting Guide

Penneagle Golf with the Penneagle Alignment Aids and Oppositional Weighting System (OWS); offers a putter style that fits your stroke with the appearance and feel you want in a putter. Penneagle can help you modify and customize your putter so other certain technical factors can be improved which will further increase your putting accuracy and consistency. Fit your putter model LENGTH to your PUTTING STROKE and PUTTING POSTURE at Address and Impact.

Fitting Options

  1. Length of Putter:

    Penneagle Putter Lengths range between 32″-34″ for Men and 30″-32″ for the Ladies as determined at Address position. Other lengths are available on request. Our standard putter lengths are shorter than the average 35″ in many golf stores. Putter lengths for men average 33″-34″ and 31″-32″ for the Ladies.

    Putter length is an important measurement that can be done by a Professional Fitter but there are written Text and Online Guidelines available. We suggest you measure or recheck your putter length before your new purchase. *Too short a shaft can cause excessive bending and disrupt your normal putter posture and smoothness of your stroke. *Too long a shaft can cause a more upright stance and disrupt your alignment. These miscalculations can alter direction and distance consistency.
  2. Lie Angle (upright or flat):

    Penneagle Putters have a Lie Angle of 71 degrees. If the putter is not flat at Address or Set Up; and the toe is up or heel is up, misdirection of the ball can result and putter impact can be less solid.
  3. Loft (increase or decrease face angle):

    Penneagle Putters have a Loft range between 4 to 5 degrees. These appear to be the best lofts to provide the best launch and promote a better truer roll.
  4. Grip size:

    The Tour Velvet special by Golf Pride is our standard Penneagle Grip. A proper grip size helps prevent movement action of the wrist. Penneagle has other Grip models if you wish a different design, color and feel.
  5. Swing-weight:

    Swing Weight is a measure of the relationship between the weight of the grip end the head end. Penneagle Putters are made with the ideal swing weight to optimize control, balance & stability.