Penneagle Golf

Company History

Penneagle Golf was founded in 2002 by Timothy Durnin. The company’s goal was to develop a line of putters that enable golfers to putt more consistently, lower their number of Putts Per Round and spend less time on the GREEN.

Penneagle developed mallet and blade putters with a traditional design and feel while utilizing advancing technology and optical enhancing alignment guides to maximize performance. The putter head is made of CNC precision milled 304 stainless steel with a satin finish to ensure premium quality and durability. Our putter designs conform with United States Golf Association (USGA) rules "relating to the design and manufacturer of golf clubs".

The first Penneagle TPD (Tour Proven Design) MALLET models (Palisade, Stinson) and Highland Blade were introduced in 2004. The Penneagle BLADE models (Carmel and Atherton) were introduced in 2008 and the Palisade 2 Mallet in 2009

The Penneagle TPD putter models feature our patented OPPOSITIONAL WEIGHTING SYSTEM (OWS) and patented PENNEAGLE ALIGNMENT GUIDES (I-Ball & V-Site) that aid in making putting, “the game within a game”, more dependable, consistent and accurate for golfers at all levels

The information presented throughout this website provides insight into our Putter Designs, Perimeter Oppositional Weighting System and Penneagle Alignment Guides that has allowed us to develop, produce and deliver our line of putters.

OWS patent No. U.S. 7,083,526

V-Site patent No. U.S. 6,450,894

I-Ball insert patent No. U.S. 7,083,526